Natural Autumn Color Palette - Hair, Makeup and Clothing

Style Suggestions for An Autumn Palette including Hair Color, Clothing and Makeup.

Style Suggestions for An Autumn Palette including Hair Color, Clothing and Makeup.

When you think of autumn, what do you think of?  If you're like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is a color scheme that's rich and vibrant with tones of gold and warm shades of red and auburn as the leaves change color and paint a beautiful landscape everywhere you look.

At Shaggin Salon, we love autumn, and if you're a natural autumn when it comes to your skin and hair tones, we can help you enhance your already warm and radiant glow.  The colors that make up the fall season translate perfectly into hair coloring, makeup, and clothes.

  • Hair Coloring.   If you're an autumn, you showcase natural warm, rich shades.  For hair coloring, deep, dark auburn and red hair can make a real statement and completely transform your look without going over the top.  A lot of people are afraid to try red shades, but they can truly be a beautifully transforming experience to your look!  When you look around at the fall leaves, your eyes might be drawn to the rich golds.  If that's the case, your body might be trying to tell you that it's time to use some of those gold tones in your hair coloring.  If you're not completely up for going all blonde, many natural hair colors accompany gold-toned highlights gorgeously.  Highlights and low-lights can really bring out your features and warm up your skin tone instantly, since, as an autumn, you already showcase brilliant golds and a natural, earthy beauty.
  • Makeup.   When it comes to coloring that pretty face of yours, stick with the earthy, natural theme.  Browns and taupes are always great neutrals, but when you do it right in your own autumn tone, you'll really show off  your seasonal glow.  You may have a more exotic look, with olive skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, or you could have a warm pink tone to your skin.  Both are types of the autumn palette, they're just different kinds of autumn.  As a fall time gal, you can use an array of pinks and browns to show off your glow.  You also have a really great weapon in your makeup bag: gold!  With your hair coloring and skin tone, you can pull off gold hues on your eyes and skin perfectly.
  • Clothing.   Your built-in beauty gives you the gift of being able to wear a ton of different colors.  It's hard to find colors that don't look right on you when it comes to your wardrobe.  Vibrant reds, deep greens, and gold hues make an amazing compliment to your radiant skin and hair. Of course, earthy chocolates, chestnuts, and other natural hues will look great on you, too.

Autumns are bold but warm with deep, and rich tones.  The many hues of hair coloring can help you make a big drastic new statement or give you just a slight seasonal update.  Accompanying earthy makeup will continue building your beautiful new look and ensuring that you're glowing and radiant.  And, of course, a few classic clothing pieces can give a nod to trends while helping you work with what you already have to maximize your wardrobe.  

Not sure about your season?  You can always ask us!  The Shaggin Salon experts are happy to help! (603) 518-5428