Hair Coloring With A Winter Color Palette

Winter Palette Haircolor and Style

Winter Palette Haircolor and Style


Hair coloring is a great way to change your whole look, but you want to know which color would look best on you. It is a dramatic change so it is prudent to research ahead of time to make sure you end up with what you want. You should always consult an expert, but you can narrow down your choices by understanding color palettes. Picking a color can depend on another of factors including, but not limited to: time of year, tone of facial features, and eye color. Below is a short description of the winter color palette.

Cool - The cool winter palette typically has all light tones. Eye color is usually blue or green complimented by light skin. The skin usually has pink or blue undertones. Hair coloring is very light blonde or almost white. Icy and cool this is the least expected version of winter coloring and somewhat rare. This is the most common make up of the cool spectrum of the winter color palette.

Deep - Deep coloring is much darker overall. Brown eyes and tan skin. These tones give anyone with deep coloring a warm, naturally woodsy look. This coloring is the most expected winter coloring and what people usually think of when they think winter. They can wear deep colors, natural colors, and neutral colors. Hair coloring for this group is dark. Either a deep brown or even black to complete the deep coloring.

Warm - The warm winter palette allows for the most leeway in color. The skin usually has either red or olive undertones, but is not as dark or light as the deep or cool categories. Eyes can be light brown, blue, green, or hazel. Hair is usually dark, but with dark red untones. Auburn is common, but warm coloring includes a number of red shades or lighter browns.

When most people think of the winter color palette they think only of darker hair coloring. As you can see from the descriptions above there is a lot more depth than that. Nearly anyone can have winter coloring if they are willing to subtely change their hair. Even people with extremely light coloring overall. Since it is so varied and broad it can be difficult to pick a color to fit into the winter color spectrum. This is not a complete guide and you should seek expert help to know for sure which color would look best for you.