A Year Long Guide to Being a Gorgeous Bride

Learn the steps to being a beautiful bride. 

Learn the steps to being a beautiful bride. 

If the Big Day has made its way onto your calendar, you're probably starting tons of planning.  Between finding the man, the dress, the ring, and the venue, you're probably exhausted!  But don't let the idea of having perfect skin and your choice of great bridal hairstyles fall by the wayside!

Here are some tips to help you make this the year of the Gorgeous Bride:

  • Twelve Months Before: Start looking around for a stylist that you will want to do your hair on your wedding day.  Even if you have a stylist that you see regularly, they may not be as well-versed in bridal hairstyles as someone else, so keep an open mind when you're on your way to your beautiful hair.  You can start consultations as early as you'd like, so shop around, and try to get a feel for various stylists' personalities and aesthetics.
  • Nine to Twelve Months Before:  Keep in mind that the better the stylist, the more quickly they book up, particularly during Wedding Season.  If you've found someone that you want to work with that can create beautiful bridal hairstyles for you and your wedding party, make sure you book your Big Day as soon as you've discovered your perfect stylist.  The more people that you have in your party, the more time or assistance your stylist will need, so be as proactive as possible when it comes to putting time on the calendar.
  • Six Months Before:  It's time to get serious.  Have you decided the color that you'll want on your wedding day?  Do you know the style and look that you're going for?  Schedule an appointment to walk though options for your bridal hairstyles, and start making a plan for your skin and hair color.  On the calendar, you'll want to have hair coloring services, skin care treatments, and, if possible, a day to bond with your girls before the Big Day.
  • Three Months Before: It's time for you to go under the hot wax.  Start getting that body waxed and shiny.  If you're still going through bridal hairstyles, start to whittle them down so you have a better idea of what you're looking for and what goes with your dress.  Make sure you're drinking tons of water, because your skin and your hair will appreciate you for it in the end, and find a way to relax even when life starts to get a little crazy.  If you're not big on the gym, consider trying out local yoga studios or try meditation.
  • One to Two Months Before:  Get ready!  It's time to finalize your consultations, start keratin smoothing treatments, and get your final color service.

Wedding stress may seem natural, but with a little preparation (and our help), you will be ready to walk down the aisle in glowing radiance.

If you're ready to learn more about the ways a great salon can help you prepare for your Big Day, contact us!  The professionals at Shaggin' Salon are always happy to help with your preparations!