Are you a Spring Color Palette? Colors that Work for You.

What are your complimentary colors if your a spring color palette?

What are your complimentary colors if your a spring color palette?

There’s nothing more irritating than spending a small fortune on a new outfit and finding that somehow, it just doesn’t work on you.  The fit and the cut are perfect, and it’s the “in” colour for the season, and yet whenever you wear it, your skin looks dull, your hair flat, and your eyes lose their shine. 

However clued in you may be as to what colors work for you, whenever you make slight changes to hair tint, seasonal make-up shades, or even pick up a slight tan in the sun, it’s worth reassessing your color analysis to adjust to new trends, to make sure you keep on top of looking good. 

If you fall into the Spring category of the colour palette, exploit the gorgeous golden and peachy tones in your skin by finding a good tinted moisturizer and highlighter, to make your skin glow.  Depth of color will differ depending on whether you call into the Clear, Light, or Warm category, but radiant skin will always be your best fashion accessory.

Any big changes to your hair should always be the province of a professional – hair coloring at home may be great for a quick change, or topping up your roots between salon visits, but it’s very easy to get wrong unless you know exactly which shades work for your skin tone and eye colour.  Book a chat with your stylist about hair coloring to discuss what will and won’t work not just for your skin tone, but also for your pocket and your lifestyle – for example, reds fade fast.  If your hair is relatively slow-growing, and you only get your color topped up every six weeks, you may find that your color is dull and in need of topping up every four weeks; something you may not be able to find time in your diary, or cash in your purse for!

Pondering drastic changes in hair coloring also provides you with a good excuse to peruse celebrity magazines.  Who has the same coloring as you?  What changes have they made to their hair and make-up over the years, and what has worked well?  Allowing a celebrity to make expensive fashion mistakes for you is a smart move - after all, they generally have the budget for it.  

Thankfully, color choices within clothing fashion are less rigid than they once were, with designers clued up and clued in on the science of color analysis.  Gone are the grim days of the 1980s when we were all trying to look good in neon pink.  Now, a Spring can exploit bright, clear jewel colours, and also be safe in the knowledge that that little black dress will always work for your coloring.  As long as a Spring avoids anything muted, ashy, or otherwise dusty-looking for colors within your palette, the only worries you'll have are whether the cut is right and on trend. 

The same goes for your hair color - bright reds, caramel highlights, and even a rich raisiny black will work so long as the overall feel is one of warmth and depth.  The only restrictions on your color will be whether you're looking for a subtle update, or a drastic change.