Healthy Hair and Skin Starts with Healthy Living

Healthy living results in beautiful hair and skin.

Healthy living results in beautiful hair and skin.

Beauty starts on the inside, and not only with confidence or a positive outlook on life. What you put on your plate, or nibble on at snacktime, can have a profound impact on your appearance. Shiny, healthy hair, a radiant complexion, and strong nails don't just begin at the salon, but also with your healthy lifestyle.

Food provides the fuel for all the body's processes. Health professionals have told us for years about how key elements in our diets can strengthen bones, sharpen our minds, or improve the function of our hearts. By the same token, these revitalizing processes fortify the follicles of your hair and nourish your skin. Eating the right nutrients will boost these systems, and give your body what it needs to flourish.

Your hair, nails, and even your skin are largely made up of protein. Most people eat plenty of protein in cheeses, meats, and eggs. However, restrictive diets and other weight-loss measures can take a toll on how much protein we consume. Be certain to get enough quality proteins with a serving of meats or legumes, and a couple servings of low-fat dairy foods.

A terrific place to get protein is from fish. Seafoods, salmon especially, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which do wonders for our skin and scalp. Hair and skin use these omega-3 acids to heal, as well as to protect themselves from sun damage.

Walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, they're the only nuts which do! Other nuts, such as almonds, offer different benefits. Vitamin B and E protect hair and skin from damage. Essential oils and protein complete a compelling set of reasons to make nuts a regular part of your diet.

For a tasty, healthy snack, you might consider some nuts, and blueberries or raspberries, in yogurt. Berries contain vitamin C to help stave off hair breakage and give skin its elasticity, as well as antioxidants to bolster your immune system. The Vitamin A and calcium in yogurt strengthens nails. Or try some Greek yogurt, with its vitamin B5, which you might recognize from the labels on hair care products.

Spinach has a tremendous capacity for enhancing healthy hair and beautiful skin. Iron gives your hair an irresistible luster, and gives you the energy you need for a positive attitude. Nails utilize iron for strength. Leafy spinach contains beta carotene and vitamin C, and folates for your follicles and scalp.

What you drink can be as important as what you need. Hydration is key to enhancing both your beauty and your vitality. Green tea presents a great alternative to coffee, and has significant benefits. Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties, and work to boost your metabolism. Those who don't care for tea shouldn't underestimate the power of plain water! Hydrated skin sags less, and a lack of water can dry out your hair.

A day at a salon can mend damage to your hair, smooth your nails, and lift your spirits to make you feel magnificent. Healthy hair and an inner glow can happen every day. Bring out your inner beauty by feeding your body what it needs to feel its best!