How to Achieve the Perfect Hair on your Wedding Day

Tips for getting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.  

Tips for getting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.  

The proposal's been made, and the wedding details are being planned.  How exciting!  Of course, you're busy working on the venue and shopping for the perfect dress, but make sure that you check out bridal hairstyles because you don't want to leave your locks out until the last minute!

If you want to have tresses that look great with your dress, check out these bridal hairstyle tips to help you prepare for The Big Day:

  • Photos.  When you're perusing the bridal magazines in search of the perfect gowns, keep an eye on the hairstyles, too.  You may not want the gown on page 76, but it's possible that you're overlooking the perfect 'do!  Collect photos of your favorite styles, and keep them separate from the other pictures that you're accumulating for your wedding day.  These will help your chosen stylist form your hair into your dream style.
  • Prepping.  You're probably keeping a vigilant eye on your calendar, so make sure you factor in prep time for your hair when you're counting down the days.  If you already have a stylist that you know you'll want to use, go ahead and book them for your wedding day.  If you're not sure, start shopping around three or four months before your wedding.  Book at least one consultation (you might want more) so you can try out different bridal hairstyles.  With time allotted, you can try out different stylists, too.
  • Maintenance.  You want to keep your locks trimmed on a regular schedule, even if you're planning on keeping your hair long and down.  Stressed tresses can break and get frizzy; keeping it trimmed on a regularly scheduled maintenance schedule will keep your hair healthy and happy, and it will give you the best look when you're trying out bridal hairstyles.
  • Cutting & Coloring.  Your wedding day isn't the day that you want to experiment with crazy concoctions that you've cooked up in your head!  If you're thinking of doing a new cut, do so about six weeks ahead of time.  This will give you time to love it and get used to it, or dislike it and fix it.  When it comes to coloring, you don't want this to be a surprise, either.  Get a touch-up to the color you already love about two weeks before the wedding day, but settle on your perfect hue two months or so beforehand.
  • Personality.  Your wedding day is about being the most beautiful you imaginable.  You want to show yourself and your own radiant personality, so this isn't the time to try out some drastic change and be something you're not.  The magic is already happening; your hair is just the topper on the wedding cake!

Getting wrapped up in wedding details can be easy to do.  With all of the details of The Big Day creating certain stresses, make sure you don't forget about your tresses.  A little planning can mean beautiful results when you walk down the aisle!

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