Is your Hair Driving you Crazy? Choose your Texture

Adding texture to your hair can provide a variety of style options that keep your look fresh. 

Adding texture to your hair can provide a variety of style options that keep your look fresh. 

It’s an odd thing. We drown our hair, then yank on it, burn it and wrap it around curlers that are to hot to touch, after which we simply expect it to look gorgeous. Sometimes, it just can’t manage that miracle alone. If your hair’s driving you crazy, you can choose your texture -- rather than having your hair dictate your look to you.

Texture - From Curly to Straight and Straight to Fuller Body Hair

People with curly hair want it straighter, straight-haired customers come in asking for fuller body. Using properly-prescribed conditioning hair products, and perhaps a thermal straightening treatment, we can relax curls. With an excellent cut to boost volume, and our range of plumping hair products, we can create a faultless illusion of thicker hair. Everybody dreads the fall frizz, but with the correct cut and treatments wild hair can be controlled into smooth curls, with just the right volume and texture. Try old-fashioned pomade to calm unruly ruffs, while at the same time adding shine.

Hair texture is natural, be it asset or liability. The feel and look of our hair is as much an inherited trait as its color, though we can make problems worse with ill-advised home-use hair products. Happily, we can change the former just as readily as the latter. The market’s flooded with hair products and treatments intended to bring texture under control, some of which are fine for home use. Remember, though, that do-it-yourself remedies tend to be much less long-lasting than salon treatments.

Try these Texture Haircare Solutons at Home 

If your problem is too little shape, and you have a short- or medium-length cut, try texturizing paste or gel to achieve a more chunky, beveled look. Girls with straight hair can also try a completely cost-free resolution: Style your hair up into a bun when it’s freshly-washed and still wet, then allow it to dry naturally. Be aware, though, that -- depending on the length -- this could take several hours, through which you may well look like a severe schoolmarm! When you eventually let those locks down, they should surprise you with a loose, volumized, natural-looking wave.

Straightening irons flatten curls or waves, and relaxing products -- which soften unruly hair -- are a recommended pretreatment for those with coarse, thick curls. If your problem is fine, flat tresses, use thickening spray or mousse hair products (this method is a favorite of women who need added volume in only one part of their style, for example at the bangs).

Call In the Professionals

When you tire of dealing with these problems on your own, or want a less temporary fix, remember Shaggin’ Salon, at 987 Elm St, Manchester, NH. Addressing our clients’ texture concerns is a big a part of our service here, equal to our styling and the atmosphere in which we work. To that end, we stock Soma organic hair products, all uniquely formulated for colored hair, to increase smoothness and appearance as well as prolong color life. We also carry ProRituals eco-friendly wet-styling products, featuring sulfate-free formulas that leave hair manageable, glossy, and vibrant. Of course, we continue to have on hand a full range of TriDesign merchandise (the new name for TRI professional haircare products, which have been a salon staple for more than thirty years).

The similarity between Justin Timberlake’s blond-and-permed ‘N Sync-era hair and dry ramen noodles was unmissable… to everyone, apparently, except him. Avoid that sort of error by trusting your locks to Jennifer Rounds, herself a Board Certified Haircolorist, and her team of professionals. We're here whatever your hair products needs, along with nailcare and waxing procedures. Contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.