Top 7 Questions To Ask Your New Hairstylist Before The Cutting Starts

What are the top seven questions to ask your hairstylist before the cutting begins? 

What are the top seven questions to ask your hairstylist before the cutting begins? 

Picture this: You've spent weeks scouring the magazines and websites looking for your new look.  You've found your cut, you've got your color picked out, and your beauty salon appointment is just a few minutes away.  You did your homework, now it's time to reap the rewards of your due diligence with a great new 'do.

You tell your stylist that you want to look just like Jennifer Aniston.  Your wonderful stylist happily agrees that Jen's always got a great look, and you proceed to chat away about other celebrity gossip for the next couple of hours until it's suddenly time to go.

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday, right?  Well, you may have had a great time, and gotten a great new look along the way, but this definitely isn't the best way to let the beauty salon scene play out.

To make the most of your beauty salon getaways, take advantage of the time in your chair by asking the right questions of your hair dresser.

 For starters (preferably with a photo in hand to help eliminate the guess work):

  • "Will this cut work with the shape of my face?"
  • "Will this cut work for my hair type?"
  • "Can my skin tone work with this hair color?"  (and if not:) "Is there a hair color you would recommend?"

Perfect!  No you've established a rapport and created room for open and honest dialogue (because you want to know if Jen's cut will look crazy on you, right??).  This is where you should expect your stylist to check in with his or her own questions for you about your styling habits (this isn't when you start fibbing about your daily routine!)

This is where you pay attention.  You can still relax and enjoy being pampered, but keep your focus on your follicles so you can ask questions if you notice something strange or speak up when you notice a shortness starting to happen that you weren't expecting.

Now that you and your stylist have collaborated to create the perfect cut, it's time to make sure you can do that 'do when you're back home and out of the perfect bubble that we call the beauty salon.  Before you check out and head for the door, make sure you've grabbed answers to the following questions:

  • "Is there a certain type of shampoo and conditioner you recommend for my hair and style?"  (More than likely, your beauty salon will have great products on hand for purchase, and they'll have the right one for you already in mind).
  • "Can you tell me which styling products I should use?"  (Keep an eye out when your hair is being styled so you can ask how to use the various products properly).
  • "What's the best way to use the products?" (if you didn't already ask).
  • "How much of each product should I use?"

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