What Haircare Questions Your Stylist Should Be Asking You?

A great hairstylist will ask you questions before they determine what actions to take. 

A great hairstylist will ask you questions before they determine what actions to take. 

When you take a trip to the beauty salon, you're taking a trip to see someone that you've probably been looking forward to since the minute you made the appointment.  There's a certain relationship that you probably have with your stylist, and no matter if you're just getting a trim or your getting a whole new 'do, having an honest rapport with your hair professional can make all the difference when you leave the chair.

In order to make the most of your look, here are a few questions that your stylist should be asking you:

  • Do you have the time to style your hair?  Sure, every cut is supposed to look great in the stylist's chair, but it's also supposed to continue looking great when you step out of the doors of the beauty salon.  If you've chosen a beautiful look that's too high maintenance for your morning routine, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.  A good stylist will take care to consider your routine before taking the scissors to your tresses.
  • How often do you visit the beauty salon?  Some hair cuts require much more maintenance than others.  Even the messiest of 'dos can actually have a lot of work that needs to go into them to keep up their "messy" looks.  If you're someone that only visits the salon twice a year, your stylist will definitely want to take that into consideration because it could greatly affect the best style for you.
  • Are you interested in changing your look?  If you're just in the chair for a trim, you'll likely be upset if you lose six inches from the ends!  This is a question that every stylist should be asking, particularly if it's someone you're not familiar with yet.  As you start to build a relationship, the answer to this question may become very obvious, but until then, your stylist should be trying to feel you out and get to know your comfort levels and ultimate goals.
  • How do you typically wear your hair?  There's a big difference between styles that are meant to stay curly and cuts that are perfect for people that sleep alongside their straightener.  Similarly, if you tend to wear your hair back, you probably either want to keep it long enough to continue to do so or get it cut short enough that you won't need to pull it back anymore.  If you don't mention your habits to your stylist, you might end up with a cut that works against your typical comfort zone.
  • What type of styling tools do you use?  If you're open to learning more about flat irons and high-quality hair dryers, you can still make a drastic change, but if you're the type of person that hides from hair tools, make sure your stylist is aware.  There are a lot of great hair tools out there, so if you use them regularly or you're willing to learn, the options for a great style could increase!

A trip to the beauty salon can change everything when you step out with a brand new look.  If your stylist takes these questions into consideration when planning your new 'do, you'll be on your way to the best look for your face, features, and lifestyle!

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