Why Professional Haircare Products are Better.

Professional Haircare products are better for you and provide value.

Professional Haircare products are better for you and provide value.

Have you ever wondered why people bother to pay higher prices for hair products at the salon when the stuff you can get at the grocery store is "just as good"?  Well, the truth is, it's because it's not just as good.  When it comes to money and quality in the world of hair care, you often get what you pay for.  If it all does the same thing, then what's the real difference, right?

When it comes to hair products, Soma is one brand that offers you top of the line quality to make your hair the healthiest that it can be.  What makes this brand better?  For starters, it's alcohol-free.  Although there are good and bad types of alcohol that can be found in hair products, if you can stay away from alcohol all together, you're erring on the side of caution and far less likely to grab a bad alcohol accidentally.  The overwhelming majority of store-bought products will contain a fairly high amount of alcohol, so this is a glaring difference.

Happy hair is healthiest when it is sulfate-free and contains proteins like Keratin and Wheat Protein.  Sulfate-free products are not only better for the skin on your scalp (because what scalp likes having tons of excess chemicals on it?), but it will keep your hair softer while keeping the style and color longer.  The proteins are essential for building strong locks that are able to withstand daily stresses that you put your hair through.

For a special feature in hair products, Soma produces vegan formulas.  Think about it this way: how often do you see unhealthy looking vegan people?  The same concept works for your hair.  Vegan products, which are free of unnecessary chemicals and animal byproducts, are meant to do the job of cleaning and styling your hair without leaving wax or build-up on your follicles that can weigh it down and make it look limp or lifeless.  Along the same lines for these hair products, Soma delivers products that are Paraben and Formaldehyde-free.  This takes away the icky chemicals that you probably didn't realize were in most other products in the first place.

Keeping your hair protected from damage is just as important as taking steps to repair any damage that's already been done.  While you may be able to find sunscreen protection in some store-bought brands, you aren't likely to find the all-natural items that salons can give you and still be able to protect your hair from the sun.  While UVA protection is slightly common in hair products, Soma has UVA and UVB protection, which helps protect against the most harmful rays that the sun produces.

Biodegradable hygiene products are also more difficult to find than you might think, and finding biodegradable stuff that works is a whole different challenge.  Fortunately for you, hair products like Soma are high-quality items made with the environment in mind.

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