What is the Best Hair Brush For Your Type of Hair?

The best hair brush for your type of hair is....

The best hair brush for your type of hair is....

Caring for hair should be a priority for everyone. While most people know that proper washing and conditioning with quality hair products can keep hair healthy and shiny, many people neglect the brushes they use. The brush you use should be suitable for your hair, and not all brushes are suitable for all types of hair. The needs of a straight mane are very different than the needs of curly tresses. Different brushes work best for different types of hair, and even types of styling. So before you put the wrong brush to your mane again, check out these suggestions based on your hair type.

For Straight Hair

Straight hair does best with a variety of different brushes, but paddle brushes work best in most situations. Paddle brushes are brushes that have bristles coming out of a rubber cushion. Because the cushion is soft bends with the scalp and results in less damage to the hair and scalp. Paddle brushes are not suitable for all hair types, but they are particularly suitable for straight hair and straightened styles. For those who heat style their hair a paddle brush can be used after the hair is straight.

For Normal to Thick Hair

Mixed bristle brushes are the best bet for normal to thick hair that is either straight or wavy. Mixed bristle brushes use natural boar bristles that are mixed in with nylon bristles. The natural bristles create the shine that everyone loves, while the nylon makes it easier for the brush to detangle thick or course hair types. The mixed bristle brush is also suitable for thinner hair as well, although the detangling aspect isn’t always necessary.

For Curly Hair

Curly-haired ladies likely know that brushing curled tresses is a no-no. Brushes, on curly hair, tends to separate the curl leaving the hair looking frizzy and damaged. Brushes can also do a great deal of damage to curly tresses because they are forcing the hair to separate when it shouldn’t be separated. A wide tooth comb is the best bet for curly hair, and even then, it should only be used in the shower while using proper hair products, such as conditioner. Using a comb while conditioning will help the comb weave its way through the tresses with more ease, leading to less damage and far less pain. Curly hair should never be combed or brushed when dry.

For Styling

For the purpose of styling with a heat application, such as a blow-dryer, the best brush still seems to be the vented brush. While the proper hair products are important for styling hair, the right brush can make the process even easier. Vented brushes are just as they sound, they have holes in the head of the brush that allows the air form a blow-dryer to move more easily through the hair. This cuts down on the time it takes for moisture to be whisked from the hair. The vented brush also allows for natural movement of the hair, which makes styling just a bit easier. For super straight styles, however, the vented brush should be used only for the initial drying. A paddle brush or flat iron can then be used to finish off straight styling.