Can You Clarify That for Me? Haircare Clarifier Demystified.

Lear the reasons for using clarifying shampoos. 

Lear the reasons for using clarifying shampoos. 

You may not realize it, but the things you do in your everyday life can be layering up on your locks.  Everything from smoking to swimming to just washing and conditioning can leave extra goo on your strands that can weigh it down and leave it dull and lifeless.  What can you do to remove the hair care products that are weighing down your hair?  Take a little time to find a great clarifying shampoo, and you'll probably see the difference in no time!

What would you need a clarifying shampoo for?  Well, like anything else, your normal every day routine can start to become boring.  Sometimes your body needs to be cleansed and detoxified to be renewed, and sometimes your hair needs a special treatment to get back to feeling its best, too.  Clarifying shampoos are intended to strip out all of the dirt so that your hair will get back to being shiny and light-weight.

If you don't use hair care products to clarify your locks before chemically altering it in processes such as coloring, the various dirt and substances on the hair can actually cause a chemical reaction.  For example, a lot of hair actually has exposure to certain metals like copper, magnesium, iron, lead, and chromium, to name a few.  When a chemical such as hair coloring is put on hair that has these metals on it and hasn't been properly clarified, the resulting effect can actually be a very harsh burn to the hair and scalp.  Properly clarifying the hair prior to the application of the chemical will remove these metals and leave a clean, blank canvas for you to work on

Proper hair care is essential, whether you're a stylist or the client.  At home, you can use clarifying shampoos to remove the everyday pollutants from your hair and make it healthier and easier to manage.  You don't need to use clarifying shampoos every day, but they're just as easy to use as your regular every day shampoo when it is time for a little clarification.  Depending on that amount of exposure that your hair has to the negative stuff in the air and water, you may need more or less clarifying, but it general the application of the special shampoo once or twice a month should do the trick.

When you're clarifying at home, remember that you won't need much product.  Only a quarter-sized spot or less should do the trick.  Massage it in just like you would with your normal shampoo, then let it sit for about a minute.  Rinse, then proceed with your normal shampoo and conditioning process.

It's easy to have the stresses of life build up on your tresses.  It doesn't take much time or energy to clean your follicles and get them back to their happiest and shiniest state.  There are some great clarifying shampoos out there, and if you need a little help deciding which is best for you, you can always contact Shaggins Salon.  Shaggins' experts are happy to help!