Highlights for Dark Brown Hairstyles

At Shaggin Salon, we're often asked, "Are there highlights for dark brown hair?"

Our answer, naturally, is, "Of course there are!", and there might be more options that you realize!

If you're thinking about adorning your chocolaty tresses with accenting hues, here are some highlights for dark brown hair that are worth, well, highlighting:

  • Hidden Highlights.  If you're dawning an all-over deep, rich brown, you can easily add a light and warm tone with some low maintenance and hidden highlights.  A smooth and short bob compliments these highlights well, particularly on cooler skin tones.  Peek-a-boo pieces of highlights can make it easy for you to gradually go lighter overall, if that's what you're going for, or simply spice up your locks with subtle shading.
  • Caramel Topping.  Adding caramel highlights to the top of dark brown hair can draw our a unique personality that is all your own.  By keeping the caramel coating in the brunette family, you'll be able to achieve a color-blocking contrast that catches people's eyes without screaming for attention.  Highlights such as these provide a fantastic combination of bold and bright while still being conservative and quiet.  They're an awesome accent to shorter styles.
  • Ombré Originale.  The ombré took hold of fashion several years ago, but it's far from run its course.  You can showcase your style and stunning strands with this look that keeps maintenance to a minimum while elevating dimension and creating perfection.  Show your personality and original style with hair that goes blends from dark brown to honey-toned tips.  This is an excellent look for longer locks, and there are ample color choices that can combine to compliment your personal skin tone and face shape.  Want to give these highlights for dark brown hair a try with a short 'do?  A talented stylist can make that work perfectly, too!

One thing to keep in mind: if you've been coloring your hair for a while, the process of lightening and lifting those ends can be a bit of a process.  Stay patient, and trust that a professional will know how to keep your hair's integrity without compromising quality.

  • Subtle Shine.  If you're not quite ready to jump into the high contrast of an ombré, opt for a subtler shading that still makes a big impact on your overall look.  This look still gives you the ability to go lighter over time, but it will happen so gradually that your final look will be simply natural.
  • Love-Colored Locks.  When Cupid draws his arrow back, he brings visions of crimson happiness.  Copper tones and shades of red can add dimension and contrast, and they're perfect highlights for dark brown hair.  You can create a dramatic look with firey chunks or stay more natural with a subdued hue.  Blue and green eyes get brighter when they're framed by red highlights.

Word of advice:  Reds do require maintenance, so be prepared for regular upkeep.

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