More Suggestions for Dark Brown Hair Highlights

Think blondes have all the fun?  Think again!  If you're sporting brunette locks, there are lots of things you can do to make your tresses even more fabulous than it already is naturally.  A few subtle strands can add depth and dimension while face-framing features can warm up your skin tone and make you glow.

Check out these highlights for dark brown hair, and get creative with your color combinations!

  • Beachy Brunette.  Summer weather inspires lighter locks.  Gals with chocolatey tresses can lighten up their looks with golden highlights.  Go two or three shades lighter than your natural color then blend in the sandy shades of sun-kissed strands.  The colors will grow out subtly so you won't have to worry about outrageous roots.

Pair this color combo with a beach-worthy cut.  A whispy short or shoulder-length style works great to complete the look.  Lots of long layers within the cut keep it from looking heavy and weighed down and create a carefree illusion.

  • Caramel Kisses.  Caramel always makes our lists when we talk about highlights for dark brown hair because there are so many options to choose from.  Caramels range from deep goldens to lighter hues closer to blonde.  To create a naturally kissed-by-caramel look, go for an all-over color that's got a light brown base, then focus on golden highlights around the face.

If you have long locks, this hip highlight action can accentuate long layers beautifully.  As the highlights go from root to tip, gradually lighten the shade.

  • Peek-a-Boo Pretty.  If your hair has an all-over warm brown tone, you can make it even warmer by simply adding some pieces underneath in a cocoa-inspired shade to peek through your 'do.  This is a great way for you to try out a new look without going super drastic, and if you're trying to gradually go lighter over all, peek-a-boo pieces are a perfect option.

These highlights for dark brown hair work well for any length, and can help you achieve a new look subtly.  Gals that sport a layered bob are likely to achieve maximum results, though, as the layers and length accommodate the many colorful dimensions.

  • Hot Honey.  Honey-flavored hues make striking highlights for dark brown hair, particularly if your features are bold and strong.  Angelina Jolie, for instance, is known for those luscious lips and enticing eyes.  As such, honey highlights work well to accentuate her notable beauty. 

Honey hues work best for gals with rich skin tones or ladies that make makeup work for them.  If you have fairer skin, or you prefer to show your face au naturale, you might get washed out by these highlights.

  • Crimson Colors.  If you want to change up your look, consider reds.  They come in a huge assortment, and the right red can look beautiful on anyone.

Do you have photos that showcase the awesomeness of highlights for dark brown hair?  If so, we'd love to see them!  Share your pics with us at our Shaggin Salon Facebook page!