The 10 Best Prom Hairstyles for 2015

When the colder weather starts to lend itself to warmer springtime evenings, high schoolers everywhere take on the talk of that big dance.  As warmer months start approaching, you'll see girls flocking to stores to find their perfect dress while the guys make plans to make their dates smile.  Of course, you don't want to forget about finding the perfect prom hairstyles for you and your posse.

This year, prom hairstyles will run the gamut of color and shape, size and texture.  Here are just a few of our many favorite fashion selections for the upcoming dance days:

  1. Glam Headbands.  Although headbands may not count as prom hairstyles, they make a big statement to even the simplest of 'dos.  Choose one with sequins or rhinestones to up the sparkle effect, or go with a classic black.  Headbands can be worked into styles for girls with short, medium, or long hair, so find one that strikes your fancy, then let a stylist work his or her magic.
  2. Short-Haired Updo.  Updos aren't just for girls with long locks.  If you're sporting a shorter-to-shoulder-length set of strands, do not despair.  Go with a look like the one Brittany Snow sports on the Red Carpet.
  3. Messy Tresses.  If you have hair to spare, think about doing a messy updo.  When done right, a distressed look can look classy and beautiful.  Messy tresses are a great option for gals with long and wavy or curly hair because there's no need for stressing about straightening.
  4. One-Sided Wonder.  Looking for a way to keep your hair down but still look Hollywood glam?  One-sided styles combine the beauty of stunning curls with the classic look of an updo.  This look can work for women with all hair types.
  5. Braided Beauty.  Braids aren't just for keeping your hair out of your face anymore.  With these elegant braid options, you can add certain elegance and create outstanding style.
  6. Romantic Ringlets.  Wanting to wear your hair down but still showcase style and grace.  Romantic ringlets work well with medium-length hair.  Use some strategically placed decorative bobby pins to finish the look, or just let it hang naturally to frame your pretty face.
  7. Vintage Advantage.  Trends come and go, and come again.  Beautiful beehives and well-crafted post-war waves are making a huge comeback, and they're among our favorite prom hairstyles.
  8. Sleek Short Hair.  If you've got short hair, don't think you're options are limited.  Sleek short hair makes a stunning statement.  Add some volume to your crown or frame your face with finger curls to up the impact.
  9. Last Minute Locks.  If you're approaching the big dance day, and you're still undecided, take a look at these last minute locks.  Lots of long, loose curls are gorgeous and easy to do.
  10. Celebrity Styles.  Nobody knows great hair better than the gals that hit the Red Carpet!

Need help choosing from your favorite prom hairstyles?  Schedule an appointment with one of our Shaggin Salon experts, and let us create your perfect prom hair!