2015 Fall Hair Trends for New Hampshire

Fall 2015 Hairstyle Trends for New Hampshire

When the seasons change, so do hairstyles and fashion. As autumn settles in here in New Hampshire, everything from head to toe will start to take on a more fall-flavored feel. Here are some of our favorite fall hair trends that you'll likely start seeing soon enough throughout New England.

The Shades. Each of history's great hair trends includes a color combination that makes an impact, too. When the cooler temperatures start to arrive, warmer shades will almost always head up the trends in the tresses department. This year is no exception, and while copper's always been a big deal when the temperatures begin to cool, this year copper is at the head of the color class.

Traditional copper coloring is being traded in for tones that incorporate the red color palette. Rose gold and red-violet are interesting options that are making the 2015 fall hair trends list.

Blonde options can warm up with buttery tones and golden locks.

Brunettes can stay on the hair trend bandwagon by exploring shades reminiscent of rich chocolate and reminders and deep mocha.

The Textures. Wild and free hair has had its heyday for quite a while, and while you're certainly still going to see some girls with curls, this year's texture is turning toward sleek and straight strands. For most gals, this means products that help with gloss, shine, and frizz-fighting action will be all the rage.

The Cut. 1970's shag is going to be a big deal in the coming weeks and months. Lots of layers will land on the heads of trendy women everywhere. High layers and long chunks that leave the ability to be face-framing masterpieces whether the hair's left down or swept into a ponytail will be a favorite focus in stylists' chairs this season. Overall length will take a front seat since it presents a comforting effect that helps keep the neck warm during pre-winter weather.

The Style. If you wear a chignon, you'll be right on point with the style trend. This is a way to get your hair out of your face and stay fashion magazine-ready.

Lobs are also here to stay for the next season or two, with the balance between long and short helping to bridge the gap between hot and cold.

Wavy hair will be seen sporting Boho waves that pay homage to their original hippie era.

A center part will be perfect for textured tresses or straight and sleek strands.

The Rest. Bangs are still on the top of this season's list of hair trends, too. Thick, textured bangs go with the shag style of the post-summer days. If you're wearing your hair up in a fashionable ponytail, bangs help keep a focal point to your eyes and frame your face. If you're wearing your long layers down, bangs help complete the look in a finishing fashion.

One accessory tip: Leather headbands!

Are you ready to try out some of autumn's hottest hair trends on your own tresses? Schedule an appointment with us at Shaggin Salon, and let's talk fall!