How to Choose a Hair Salon and Stylist

Follow these tips on finding the perfect salon & stylist

Your hair is part of your personality. Even the slightest changes can make a big impact on the way you look to the rest of the world. Small alterations in cut, style, and color can also mean huge impacts on the way you act and perceive yourself.

If you're shopping for a great hair salon, here are some helpful hints to get you through the journey and help you find a stylist that will help you achieve the look you want:

  • Ask Friends. When you've got guys and girls in your circle who have been through the hair-cutting trenches, it pays to ask their advice. Even if they don't have anything nice to say about their last hair stylist, you know who not to go to. On the plus side, many times you'll receive great feedback about stylists you should probably check out!
  • Go Local. Try out a few salons near your home or office. Does something catch your drive on your daily drive by? Is there something about a certain salon that seems clean, professional, and welcoming? Convenience isn't everything, but it is a valuable item if the end result is unmatched.
  • Do Some Digging. Receptionists are at the forefront of the good and bad hair war. A good hair salon will train its receptionist to answer your questions, know which stylist is best for your needs, and be accommodating to all of your questions and requests. Before you decide on one or two places, pick up the phone, and make some calls to test out the salons' customer service. If you're put off by the endeavor after you speak with the receptionist, just keep looking because there are many qualified salons that have spectacular customer service, too!
  • Consult. Why chop your strands immediately upon arrival? If you want to find a hair salon that fits you needs, personality, and personal style, it shouldn't be a problem to schedule a consultation. Tell the receptionist what you're looking to accomplish, and ask him or her for the best stylist to fit your needs. When you're in the chair, be honest with the stylist about the look you're trying to achieve, and be open to the feedback you should receive.
  • Go Bit-by-Bit. A huge hair makeover is not something most people want to do with a stranger. Unless you're in it for the ooh and ahh effect, take small steps. Start with a trim and blow dry. If you're happy, continue on with a bit more off the ends or a little color until you are comfortable with the stylist and the salon.
  • Be Price-Conscious. We all love saving a dollar but do not let that concern compromise great hair. The cheapest option isn't always the best option when it comes to finding a great hair salon, so choose your scissored staff carefully.

At Shaggin Salon, we believe that, when the right hair salon comes together with the right client, magic can happen! If you're looking for a new hair salon to call your very own, why not see what we can do for your locks?