Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Whether you're in the transition phase of growing out your locks, or you just love the look of hair settling onto your shoulders, there are some shoulder length hairstyles that are sure to make heads turn.  

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Long and Short of It.  Celebs like Claire Dane rock a combination of short and long layers quite well.  Longer layers create texture throughout the body of the hair while shorter face-framing pieces allow for the versatility of elegant or every day wear.
  • Blunt and Bold Bob.  Opposite of layers is the blunt bob.  This is one of those shoulder length hairstyles that looks great with any color, including your natural shade.  Make it sophisticated by blowdrying it under or wear a playful look by flipping it out.  Blunt bangs are a great tree-topper to this cut, but if you're not ready to take a big style plunge, you can always add those another day.  Gwen Stefani's golden locks are a perfect example of a blunt and bold bob.
  • Tina Turner-Inspired Tresses.  Wavy-haired girls often feel like they have less options, but there are plenty of amazing shoulder length hairstyles for girls with waves.  Rihanna made waves with her Tina Turner-inspired tresses that take color from dark to blonde as the waves work their way to her shoulders.
  • Shag to the Shoulders.  Shag hairstyles come and go so often that they're never really out of style.  Martina McBride shows off her sleek strands with a choppy shag that complements healthy hair beautifully.  The longest layers lay upon her shoulders while short and choppy locks thin out hair that's too thick and create body where it should be.  Side-swept bangs are a great accompaniment to this look.
  • Elegant Updo.  Think shoulder length hairstyles can't incorporate elegant updos?  Think again!  Milla Jovovich showed off her shoulder length strands at the Golden Globes by sweeping her locks to one side.  A deep part, coupled with loose waves and some creative bobby pinning, makes a magnificent formal hair fashion for gals sporting mid-length locks.
  • Easy and Breezy.  Create easy and breezy beach-inspired hair by adding some golden or caramel highlights.  The layers are long throughout the cut, and minimal maintenance is required to make this style look exceptional.  Jennifer Aniston's been known for her hairstyles since we first became "Friends", and she's still going strong with stylish strands.
  • Simple and Sophisticated.  Some of the most luscious looks require far less work that you might think.  Rachel McAdams's mid-length look ups the ante when it comes to stunning style.  The focal point in this look starts with the bangs, which are blown dry with a large round brush and swept to the side to create a sweet, yet sensual, image.

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Trendy Boys' Haircuts

Trendy Boys' Haircuts

Trendy Boys' Haircuts

Think boys' haircuts are all boring and simple? Think again! Some of the coolest boys' haircuts are making the scene in schools everywhere right now. Is your kiddo searching for a new look?

Check out some of these awesome styles:  

  • The Mohawk. This rock 'n' roll classic has found its way to the newest generation of trendsetters, but before you rule it out for its unruly image, keep in mind that it's been modernized. When the hair is short and clean on the sides and long on the top, it can easily be combed to the side to make it appropriate for weekday activities such as school. When the weekends and evenings roll around, a little bit of product can give it that punky edge that your young man is pining for. It's much more of the versatile variety than many people realize at first thought. Not quite sure about long locks on your kid's crown? Consider the Mohawk's shorter, more conservative cousin: The Faux Hawk.  
  • Harry Styles Hair. There was a time when naturally wavy hair with full body was a boy's worst nightmare, but these days, thick locks are getting lots of love. With Harry Styles Hair,shaggy bedhead takes perfect shape with little to no effort at all. This look is perfect for otherwise hard-to-style hair because it enhances the naturally messy tresses with intention. For softer strands, you can leave this look natural. It's easy to get more controlled volumewith just a little bit of mousse.   
  • Justin Bieber's Pompadour. Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber knows how to make headlines, and sometimes those titles start from the top, down. Bieber's pompadour is one of the most popular boys' haircuts right now, and although it takes a bit more work than some of the alternatives, the outcome exceeds many style expectations. Since this cut takes some effort, you'll want to make sure you allot some extra time before you head out the door to get it looking right, and you'll want to have some pomade on hand. After all, pomade is a pompadour's best friend.   
  • Zac Effron's Short Spikes. Longer locks are a popular trend, but there are some celebrities sport short styles perfectly. Zac Effron is a model example for trendy tresses that stay on the shorter side. To get the spikes to stand up on their own, this cut tends to do best with a little bit of effort, too, but your little guy can get by with much less time in front of the mirror than the longer alternatives. Hair gel with a strong hold will keep the pieces in place, and pastes can help finalize the look with texture and definition.   
  • Buzz Cut. Although it stems from a place of uniformity, when it comes to boys' haircuts, buzz cuts have big personality without morning maintenance.  

At Shaggin' Salon, our team of stylists is always excited to try their hands at the latest boys' haircuts. Contact us to make an appointment today!