More Suggestions for Dark Brown Hair Highlights

Think blondes have all the fun?  Think again!  If you're sporting brunette locks, there are lots of things you can do to make your tresses even more fabulous than it already is naturally.  A few subtle strands can add depth and dimension while face-framing features can warm up your skin tone and make you glow.

Check out these highlights for dark brown hair, and get creative with your color combinations!

  • Beachy Brunette.  Summer weather inspires lighter locks.  Gals with chocolatey tresses can lighten up their looks with golden highlights.  Go two or three shades lighter than your natural color then blend in the sandy shades of sun-kissed strands.  The colors will grow out subtly so you won't have to worry about outrageous roots.

Pair this color combo with a beach-worthy cut.  A whispy short or shoulder-length style works great to complete the look.  Lots of long layers within the cut keep it from looking heavy and weighed down and create a carefree illusion.

  • Caramel Kisses.  Caramel always makes our lists when we talk about highlights for dark brown hair because there are so many options to choose from.  Caramels range from deep goldens to lighter hues closer to blonde.  To create a naturally kissed-by-caramel look, go for an all-over color that's got a light brown base, then focus on golden highlights around the face.

If you have long locks, this hip highlight action can accentuate long layers beautifully.  As the highlights go from root to tip, gradually lighten the shade.

  • Peek-a-Boo Pretty.  If your hair has an all-over warm brown tone, you can make it even warmer by simply adding some pieces underneath in a cocoa-inspired shade to peek through your 'do.  This is a great way for you to try out a new look without going super drastic, and if you're trying to gradually go lighter over all, peek-a-boo pieces are a perfect option.

These highlights for dark brown hair work well for any length, and can help you achieve a new look subtly.  Gals that sport a layered bob are likely to achieve maximum results, though, as the layers and length accommodate the many colorful dimensions.

  • Hot Honey.  Honey-flavored hues make striking highlights for dark brown hair, particularly if your features are bold and strong.  Angelina Jolie, for instance, is known for those luscious lips and enticing eyes.  As such, honey highlights work well to accentuate her notable beauty. 

Honey hues work best for gals with rich skin tones or ladies that make makeup work for them.  If you have fairer skin, or you prefer to show your face au naturale, you might get washed out by these highlights.

  • Crimson Colors.  If you want to change up your look, consider reds.  They come in a huge assortment, and the right red can look beautiful on anyone.

Do you have photos that showcase the awesomeness of highlights for dark brown hair?  If so, we'd love to see them!  Share your pics with us at our Shaggin Salon Facebook page!

Womens Hairstyle Tips for Red Hair

Cupid's arrow just flew again, and if he's got you seeing red, it might be time to change up your hair color and light up your life with some heart-inspired hues.  Red hair is fun, and it can show your personality in a whole new light.  

Here are some tips for making red hair glow with radiance:

  • A Range Like the Rainbow.  There was a time when red hair essentially came in one single tone.  Nowadays, you've got an entire rainbow of shades in the red range.  Don't be put off by the idea of red because of ideas you have in your head; strawberry shades or changes with hints of cherry might suit your complexion and skin color better than the regular ravishing red.  If you are not sure what hue would look best on you, make an appointment to come in and see one of our stylists.  Sometimes an unbiased view is just what you need to find your perfect hue.
  • Little Bits Can Go a Long Way.  You can make a big statement with a few minor adjustments to your current look.  Experiment with red hair by adding some simple streaks or strategically placed highlights.  By adding small amounts of color to your hair, you can get a feel for what red hair looks like on you without going too bold too quickly.  Streaks and highlights are also easy to change up, so you can explore a multitude of hues, and if you land on one that you love, you can increase its coverage.
  • Tempt Yourself with Temporary Tints.  Permanent color is an excellent choice once you've settled on your selected shade, but until you get to that point, consider tinting your tresses with temporary color.  Temporary colors can last for a few days up to a few weeks, so be honest with your stylist about your fears and reservations.  Our team will match the right temporary color to your needs, based on how ready you are to commit to something new.  If you're just looking to make a big statement for a small amount of time, temporary colors are the perfect way to go.
  • Be Advised about the Box.  Sure, you can find a huge range of reds in boxes at the grocery store, but be advised that creating red hair tends to take the technique of a trained professional.  If you pick up a box of red hair coloring, you might find yourself with hair that more closely resembles orange than copper.  When you're considering a color change, whether it's drastic or subtle, it's always best to sit in the seat of a professional so you can make sure that your tresses turn out as planned.

Thinking about going red?  Comb the pages of your favorite magazines, and find images of hues that you're attracted to.  At Shaggin Salon, we love changing your world with love-colored locks!  Contact our team, and let us know what kind of red you're thinking of putting on your head!

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Whether you're in the transition phase of growing out your locks, or you just love the look of hair settling onto your shoulders, there are some shoulder length hairstyles that are sure to make heads turn.  

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Long and Short of It.  Celebs like Claire Dane rock a combination of short and long layers quite well.  Longer layers create texture throughout the body of the hair while shorter face-framing pieces allow for the versatility of elegant or every day wear.
  • Blunt and Bold Bob.  Opposite of layers is the blunt bob.  This is one of those shoulder length hairstyles that looks great with any color, including your natural shade.  Make it sophisticated by blowdrying it under or wear a playful look by flipping it out.  Blunt bangs are a great tree-topper to this cut, but if you're not ready to take a big style plunge, you can always add those another day.  Gwen Stefani's golden locks are a perfect example of a blunt and bold bob.
  • Tina Turner-Inspired Tresses.  Wavy-haired girls often feel like they have less options, but there are plenty of amazing shoulder length hairstyles for girls with waves.  Rihanna made waves with her Tina Turner-inspired tresses that take color from dark to blonde as the waves work their way to her shoulders.
  • Shag to the Shoulders.  Shag hairstyles come and go so often that they're never really out of style.  Martina McBride shows off her sleek strands with a choppy shag that complements healthy hair beautifully.  The longest layers lay upon her shoulders while short and choppy locks thin out hair that's too thick and create body where it should be.  Side-swept bangs are a great accompaniment to this look.
  • Elegant Updo.  Think shoulder length hairstyles can't incorporate elegant updos?  Think again!  Milla Jovovich showed off her shoulder length strands at the Golden Globes by sweeping her locks to one side.  A deep part, coupled with loose waves and some creative bobby pinning, makes a magnificent formal hair fashion for gals sporting mid-length locks.
  • Easy and Breezy.  Create easy and breezy beach-inspired hair by adding some golden or caramel highlights.  The layers are long throughout the cut, and minimal maintenance is required to make this style look exceptional.  Jennifer Aniston's been known for her hairstyles since we first became "Friends", and she's still going strong with stylish strands.
  • Simple and Sophisticated.  Some of the most luscious looks require far less work that you might think.  Rachel McAdams's mid-length look ups the ante when it comes to stunning style.  The focal point in this look starts with the bangs, which are blown dry with a large round brush and swept to the side to create a sweet, yet sensual, image.

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